Growing up I have always been interested in all forms of art. Creating and making something out of nothing always challenged me. I  attended art school for 5 years at OCC. Most of my training in the arts was painting, perspective, casting and other forms of art. I'm self taught in the art of mosaic tiling. I have made large mosaic murals, floor tide pools and tiling on walls. I have worked with tile for 25 years.

I find interest in working with all kinds of mediums. I like to mix 2-3 different types of materials together. For instance clay and wire or rust and tile or wood. I feel it makes the piece so much more interesting.

I began taking ceramics 4 years ago from Annahita  King... I learned so much from her. I learned to work slab. I soon realized how much I enjoyed working with clay and how I could really make some cool stuff! My journey with clay keeps evolving into more interesting pieces. Yard art and other pieces I've made come from my creative imagination! I enjoy working with clay. There are so many different things you can design with clay, small and large. In my world there is no limitations with clay!

I LOVE TO CREATE INTERESTING ART! I love it when family & friends see something different in a piece I've done! It's great to hear them describe how it makes them feel!!

Karan Murphy